Personal Assistant

06/06/2018: "Personal Assistant" - Categorie protette

Annuncio dedicato alle persone appartenenti alle categorie protette - legge 68/99.

Function and Job

Personal assistants work closely with Unicredit Services Senior Management helping them to manage their work, organise their day by providing administrative and organizational support. They have an in-depth knowledge of the organisation and perform a variety of tasks. The following are a sample of their work activities:
• Screening phone calls and dealing with enquiries where appropriate
• Making appointments and planning their manager’s diary
• Organising and planning meetings, ensuring their manager get all the necessary preparatory documentation and information
• Booking travel arrangements and accommodation when necessary
• Assisting with projects their manager is working on, liasing with the appropriate involved functions
• Liasing with the appropriate functions to deal with logistics, IT, Real estate and HR issues


•Strong attitude to group work, planning, work organization, problem solving, confidentiality and relationship management
•Motivation and results orientation
•Strong oral and written communication skills
•Strong knowledge of both oral and written English

Orario di lavoro: Tempo pieno

Il presente annuncio è rivolto ad entrambi i sessi, ai sensi della vigente normativa in tema di discriminazioni di genere

Caratteristiche richieste
Area funzionale
Area funzionale:
Area funzionale: Assistenza clienti - Segreteria

Esperienza in area funzionale
Anni di esperienza minima nel settore: 2

  • Bancario

Regione di residenza
Area di ricerca:
Regione: Lombardia

Percentuale di invalidità
Percentuale minima di invalidità: 45

Titolo di studio
Titolo di studio: Laurea breve

Conoscenze informatiche
Conoscenze informatiche:
  • Excel
  • Power Point

Lingua preferenziale:
  • Inglese

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