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Generali is a major player in the global insurance industry – a strategic and highly important sector for the growth, development and welfare of modern societies. Over almost 200 years, we have built a multinational Group that is present in more than 60 countries, with 470 companies and nearly 80,000 employees. Our Group aims to become the standard bearer and industry leader in the European retail insurance market, building on our existing base of 50 million retail clients, out of an overall total of 72 million.

The unit Group Customer Experience ensures the roll-out of the NPS approach across Generali, and brings the ‘rolled out’ programs to ‘best in class’ level ensuring that BU teams act on customer feedback and eliminate the programs and drive cultural change.

The Group Customer Experience unit is a small team of 4 people that acts as the ‘voice of the customer’ within Generali, a passionate driver for change, highly contributing to create a customer-centric culture in the business units across the world.

A key part of the Life time partner positioning is to embed the voice of the customer in the value proposition targeting profitable segments and to provide differentiated experience along the customer journey according to the customer value.

The Project Manager Segmentation has the following roles:
* Identify the relevant customer insight at global level and feed the value proposition development and the customer experience design
* Develop the framework that describes the segmentation, how to achieve it and how to implement in the key processes, and identify the Best Practice set of what is currently being used in the BUs (a.o. Spain, Hungary, Italy, Direct) as input for:
* The framework to be developed in cooperation with Tech-Ex, Product, Claims, Data Analytics, Distribution and Operations departments in GHO. These are the key stakeholders to make such segmentation possible in the BU.
* The framework to build on the identified best practices from the ‘best practice set’ of BUs.

This framework will, once completed, provide guidance to the BU on what to implement and how and will also provide clarity to the involved departments so all are aligned. There are two segmentation frameworks to be developed: one for existing customers focused on the experience along the journey used by all frontline departments & UW/ Renewal and one for new customers to be targeted focused on used by marketing and sale
* Exploring target audiences:
* Analyze segmentation data from existing research (eg. Brand tracking)
* Support local BUs in defining target audiences with business potential
* Identify needs and expectations of different segments
* Advise local BUs on deep-diving in the Preferences of target segments
* Map competitive positioning of Generali among the various customer segments.
* Support the BUs in the implementation:
* Develop the change management approach that can be implemented in each BU
* Support the development of the local plans.
* Organize alignment with the involved GHO departments to ensure they remain fully filled in and also supporting their local counterparts.
* Identify common issues that require cross functional and cross BU attention to have them resolved with BUs or GHO teams as not to hinder progress.
* Build the Best Practice sharing approach to facilitate implementation
* Monitoring and Steering progress:
* Monitor progress the BUs are making vs plans.
* Advise the BU, based on the global overview and experience, where to course correct, accelerate etc.
* Flag issues and steer where required.
* Set up and facilitate Common reporting to QBR, CEO etc.

Please provide your Cv in English.
The ideal candidate will meet the following requirements:
Must have
* Master degree, preferably in business administration, communications or marketing with 10+ years’ experience in the customer experience, product development area with an international focus, preferably in insurance industry;
* Fluency in English;
* Proven successful experience in managing complex project in international environments
* Experience in managing remote team
* Strategic thinking, strong conceptual & analytical skills
* Subject matter expert in the field so can add value as serious sparring partner
* Speaking the language of the technical teams but at the same time having a customer focus
* Experience with international working environment, mindful of cultural differences and ability to collaborate and inspire extended teams
* A practical and down to earth person, with a can-do mentality, who is able to interact with different levels in business units in a fluent way and with conviction
* Excellent relationship skills
* Results Oriented and self-starter

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