Systems engineer

23/11/2016: "Systems engineer" - Categorie protette

Annuncio dedicato alle persone appartenenti alle categorie protette - legge 68/99.

For an important customer, we are looking for a Systems engineer for designing and maintaining the server architecture.

Conceiving, implementing and maintaining the infrastructure for highly available and scalable web projects with a service-oriented approach
Designing and building a wide variety of tools to help support the

Deep knowledge of apt-based distributions (debian, ubuntu LTS).
Deep knowledge of networking tools like traceroute, nmap and tcpdump.
Experience with cloud computing services (Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure).
Experience using monitoring tools like Zabbix or Nagios.
Knowledge of databases/datastorage clusters such as MySQL and Couchbase.
Experience with apache2 and php.
High proficiency in bash scripting.
Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
Exceptional motivational and interpersonal skills.
Fluent in English.
Management of Docker in production

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